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How to Remove Fluoride from Water

Is Fluoride Bad?

How to Remove Fluoride from Water



of Americans use community water



the world has been adding Fluoride to tap water

Since it was first introduced to public water supplies in 1945 there’s been an ongoing debate about fluoride’s benefits and risks.

With an increased focus on health more people are examining what they’re putting in their bodies and finding out fluoride might not be as beneficial as it was several decades ago. If you’re ready to eliminate fluoride from your water, let’s find out why there’s fuss about fluoride and different ways on how to remove it.

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is the naturally occurring negative ion of fluorine. Take fluorine, add an electron, and you have fluoride. Fluoride is found naturally occurring in soil, saltwater, freshwater, plants, and more. Almost all water on Earth contains at least some traces of fluoride.

Why is Fluoride in Water?

Fluoride’s primary purpose in municipal water is for oral health. In the 1940s scientists and health researchers noticed people that lived in areas with naturally high fluoride levels had fewer cavities than the rest of the country. In 1962 the United States Public Health Service recommended that all municipal water supplies supplement their systems with fluoride for cavity prevention. Today 3 in 4 Americans use public water that contains fluoride.

Fluoride is undoubtedly effective at preventing cavities, but most Americans now receive plenty of fluoride in their daily oral health routine compared to mid-20th century Americans. There’s also growing concern that fluoride can have negative health consequences.

Is Fluoride Bad?

Everyone should be concerned about what they’re putting in their body. This applies to your favorite fast-food meal, any supplements you take, and your drinking water.

Staying hydrated by drinking water is one of the easiest and healthiest things you can do, but is the fluoride found in municipal water something you should avoid? If you’re looking to live your cleanest and are smart about your oral health, then you should avoid fluoride.

Over the past several years health researchers have taken a deeper dive into the potential advantages and drawbacks of fluoridated water and have found potential hazards that could outweigh the benefits. These include weakening of the bones and teeth, impaired cognitive development, and more.

There are no definitive studies that show fluoride is dangerous when consumed in moderate amounts but if you use toothpaste daily there is no reason you need fluoridated drinking water. By removing fluoride from your water, you’re avoiding any potential health consequences and lose no benefits if you’re brushing daily.

Best Ways to Remove Fluoride from Water

Standard carbon filtration systems like Pur or Brita systems remove a lot of nasty compounds but they cannot remove fluoride. If you want to eliminate fluoride from your home’s water supply, you’ll have to use specialized products. The two best ways to eliminate fluoride from your house is through whole house and countertop / under sink filters.

Whole House Water Filter

If you’re looking to eliminate fluoride from your entire supply then you’ll need a whole house water filter. Instead of installing filters on every tap, a whole house filter cleans all water that comes through your house before reaching their respective uses. They are the most expensive of filtering options but most effective. Whole house filters can last for several years and filter much more than fluoride.

Countertop / Under Sink Filters

If you don’t care about fluoride in your bath water or toilet you can consider countertop or under sink filters. These attach to one plumbing component (like the kitchen sink) to provide fluoride-free water. Under sink filters are most popular for kitchen and bathroom sinks. Like whole house filters, most countertop filters remove harmful components other than fluoride.

How to Remove Fluoride from Water Cheaply

Great for those who don’t need a large volume of filtered water on-demand. Gravity filters are ideal for the office or 1-2 person households.

Standard carbon-based home water filters cannot remove fluoride from your water but there are specialized filter pitchers which remove fluoride and other chemicals from your drinking supply. Fluoride filters and pitchers are more expensive than standard Brita or Pur pitchers but are still among the cheapest ways to remove fluoride from water.

For less than $100 you can get up to 10-stage countertop water filters that divert from your faucets tap.

Great Products for Removing Fluoride from Water

PureMaster Water Filtration Systems

V Series and FluorideMaster Combo

PureMaster Water Filtration Systems

The PureMaster V Series and FluorideMaster Combo is for those who are looking to eliminate fluoride from their household usage. The PureMaster combo system not only removes fluoride but several other harmful components like minerals, chlorine, microorganisms, and pesticides. This system will give your whole house pure and clean water.

This is great for your personal health but it’s also great for the health of your home’s plumbing and appliances. All appliances and household plumbing will last longer and perform better when they’re utilizing clean, soft water.

Fluoride Water Filter System

Pentair Water Filter System

Pentair’s fluoride water filter system eliminates fluoride in your water supply down to 1 part per million. The Pentair fluoride system is sleek, virtually-maintenance free, uses no electricity, and can go 3 years before you need to change the media tank.

Like The PureMaster series the Pentair system also removes heavy minerals and sediment to keep both your family and your household appliances healthy. Pentair’s system can work on up to six different taps.

Flouride and Water Filter FAQ

Some water filters are capable of filtering our fluoride from drinking water, but not all. Traditional carbon filters like those found in Brita pitchers will not remove fluoride.

Gravity filters are particularly effective at removing solids from liquid, but as with any filter the media will dictate what can and cannot be removed.

Traditional carbon filters in pitchers do not filter fluoride, but there are specialized drinking pitchers which have filters capable of removing fluoride.

Everyone Deserves Clean Water

While fluoridation made sense at the time it was first utilized, the modern American gets plenty of fluoride and then some from a regular oral hygiene regimen and diet. Excess fluoride consumption could cause potential health consequences, but fluoride filters allow you to drink and use clean water to keep your family healthier. Removing fluoride from your water is easy, affordable, and practical. Check out the brands above to see how you can get fluoride-free water in your home today.